Interview with Frank Spotnitz mentions BacktoFrankBlack and calls for fans to be heard!

Frank Spotnitz was recently interviewed at When asked about Millennium he said:

Frank Spotnitz: It’s funny. I get asked that all the time. Just about every interview someone asks, ‘Where’s the Millennium movie?’ From the very beginning, Chris has said he’d love to do it and I think Lance (Henriksen) would love to do it, but the longer this drags on, the less likely this becomes, so I think it would have to take a real, concerted, passionate effort, at this point, to make that happen. I know there are a lot of people in the Internet community that are working to make that a reality. There’s actually a Bring Back Frank Black campaign going on right now, but I think they’ll have to be pretty vocal to have a chance.

To read the FULL interview, click here!

As Frank says we need your support! We need your letters to FOX! If you wish to become directly involved in the campaign, contact us at!

Watch out in the upcoming weeks for an EXCLUSIVE interview with BacktoFrankBlack supporter…. Lance Henriksen!


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