Never let it be said that Millennium fans are devoid of a sense of humor and an eye for the unusual. Imagine my delight when I received this quirky little project in my inbox. One of the campaign’s supporters has immortalized Millennium icon, Lucy Butler, as a cubee, a craze sweeping the internet which sees characters from the world of entertainment reproduced as a three dimensional paper project. Not only that, but we were given permission to share this with you, after all, who doesn’t want their very own Lucy Butler to love and cherish?

(click on either image, opens in a new window)

Needless to say I wasted no time in gathering my scissors and you can see the results of my efforts below. As we have said on many occasions we value all the communication we receive from fans and we encourage you to send us photographs of any Millennium projects, whatever they may be, that you have created. It all goes to show what a passionate, and at times, crazy bunch we all are.

By the way, once you’ve finished her I wouldn’t leave the scissors lying around, just to be on the safe side.



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