Dear Campaigners,

Before we return to serious matters with the second part of Lance Henriksen’s interview this weekend, allow us to indulge you in something a little frivolous. We were delighted by the response to our Lucy Butler Cubee template recently and decided to bring to you another opportunity to recreate Millennium in the comfort of your home. Cubees, for those unaware of them, are paper projects that recreate famous characters in three dimensions. Sadly, none exist for Millennium but we have decided to right that wrong. Without further ado we present to you Dr. Takashi from season three’s superb episode ‘Bardo Thodol’. So print your template, grasp your scissors and enjoy a few moments of Millennium madness courtesy of the campaign team. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “OH NOBLY BORN – BARDO THODOL IN 3D!

  1. Wow! I was Goggling for cubees and found Millenium. Yeah! But no Frank? Or his wife and daughter? Or his friend who dragged him into all of it (Sorry – too long since I've watched it to recall name right away). You might even be able to share them and spread the BTFB word at TV Series Cubees – http://www.tvseriescubees.com/index.htm


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