To maintain our efforts to promote the campaign and continue our relationship with the cast and crew that have shown such warmth and support towards us, we proudly present our second Millennium Initiation Test, a quirky way of involving Millennium’s supporters in our campaign. As you will have noticed, Tobias Mehler gave us a stunning interview of late and extended his support to the campaign and its fans as is one, of many, cast and crew members who desire to see a return of the Millennium franchise in whatever form this may take. So please indulge the campaign team in a moment of Millennium fun and we urge you to check us out on a regular basis to enjoy many more serious, and lighthearted, contributions from those who contributed to the franchise. After all our hard work of late we are due a moment of frivolity so read the words of a Millennium cast member and continue your support of this campaign as you do so! That said if you really want to know how best you can support us send your letters, calling for a return for Frank Black, to:

20th Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 344
Los Angeles, CA 90035

More information on letter writing can be found here.


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