As you are no doubt aware we have encouraged all of you to share with us your love of Frank Black and Millennium and we have been delighted by the response. For many, Millennium is more than just a television show, it has become an indelible part of their lives, quite literally. One such fan, Andrew, wrote to us recently and shared his thoughts on Millennium and his praise for the campaign and treated us to a picture of his ouroboros tattoo, the arcane symbol of The Millennium Group now permanently a part of his life.

We know that ouroboros tattoos are something of a craze amongst ardent supporters of the franchise, having seen a number of them over the years, so if you have joined the ranks of the ‘inked’ don’t hesitate in sharing your pictures or experiences with us.

That said, our thanks to Andrew for allowing us to share this picture with you all and keep your letters, thoughts, emails, postcards and more heading to 20th Century Fox! We can get this movie made, this is who we are!


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