BacktoFrankBlack is proud to announce the third episode of our exclusive podcast has been recorded and will be available from Sunday 30th on ITunes and through backtofrankblack.com.

You can enjoy this podcast in two different formats:

  • Enhanced Podcast for Itunes and Ipods with exclusive embedded images that will be available for FREE from the Itunes store or a direct link from our website.
  • Full high quality MP3 again available for FREE on our website. This version will contain no images but will be a high quality audio file.

The third episode of this podcast features more news and developments from the campaign team, our responses to the comments and queries we have received about our second show, a look at the much debated nature of Frank Black’s ‘Gift’ and to keep the exclusives coming for you, the fans, an opportunity to win a copy of Millennium Apocalypse and a guest appearance from paranormal thriller author M.R. Sellars!

As you can see, crammed to the brim with Millennium treats and certainly a must hear for any fan of the franchise. Don’t forget, check us out this Sunday for download links. The Time Is Near!


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