PopcornMonster.com talks Millennium!

A feature on BacktoFrankBlack and Millennium has adorned the front page of Popcornmonster.com! To read the article in full, click here! It’s more or a less an update for fans who don’t necessarily check backtofrankblack.com – and in this campaign such support is vital as we desperately need to reach bases that don’t come here, so we are very thankful indeed to have Popcornmonster.com’s support for the return of Frank Black and a Millennium movie!

Deviating a little from topic, there is also a fun post on Frank Spotnitz responding to PCM’s idea for X-Files 3.

Popcornmonster is a great site – we have a banner on both the blog and the main B2FB site for your easy access, plus they are on our blog affilates. Please check them out.


… in other news, don’t forget myself, Troy and Lance are on WGN this Saturday at 10pm central. We’re there in the listings so there is no excuse in forgetting!


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