Lara Means Week makes!

Well, Lara Means week is definitely gaining some momentum my Millennium friends! Our good friend and fellow Millennium fan Alison Nastasi has been nothing but spectacular in supporting our campaign. You may remember her from her former website and her appearance on one our Millennium Group Sessions podcasts. Well, her work has been nothing but stupendous and she now writes for several blogs including Cinematical and SciFi Squad.

Well, she has posted a great write up about the Lara Means week celebration over at Horror Squad. Not only did she do a bang up job on promoting it on the site, she is also participating with a great analysis of the character Lara Means!

So follow this link and read about Lara Means week. Also, you will find a small clip from the brand new interview that we did with Kristen Cloke.

BacktoFrankBlack would like to thank Alison Nastasi for her continued support and fantastic work!


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