Lara Means Week: Music and Thanks!

Friday brings us more music – this time an original piece of music dedicated to youknowwho. I warn you, this is a catchy psychedelic slice of aural homage that you’re bound to be humming for days to come. This is the work of Steve Katzenmoyer, and I hope you’ll find time to leave thanks for his original and exclusive offering to the week in the usual manner. Enjoy! Press “play” or download directly (MP3)!

To finish off the working week, we must throw out a thank you to the UK Horror Channel for supporting us this week – those in the UK, be reminded that Millennium runs on the channel at 20.00 weekdays. Please support them as they support Millennium – and spread the word! – go visit!

Finally, one more offering to finish off Friday – another wallpaper – 1280×1024 (and for those who spotted by noobish mistake on the previous wallpaper, congrats – I’ve since corrected the error!). This one, Frank and Laura working side by side in one of the lighter exchanges they had in the show!

More tomorrow! (images again are thanks to Chrisnu)


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