Millennium Movie Poster Project: Gallery Showcase Day Eight

We’re into a second week of entries for the Millennium Movie Poster Project Gallery Showcase. We’ve got three more for you today, starting with this moody image of Frank Black set against a foregound filled with mysterious calligraphy. Lance Henriksen is the sole billed star, and “The wait is over” for his return as our favourite criminal profiler.

Felipe Sobreiro

This next image is another atmospheric piece. Whilst dominated by Frank’s profile partly in shadow, it is notable that both an owl and a rooster are to be seen. And check out the time on that clock tower!

Adam Glazer

Eerily lit woodland scenes are a popular backdrop to a number of the images we have received, and here’s another good example of such a composition. Here, Millennium is coming in 2012, perhaps hinting at a plot based around Mayan prophecy.

Olya Karnes-Lotterhos

We’ve one more set of posters coming tomorrow and we will be bringing you our judges’ decisions on the winners soon after that. So stay tuned and join us again tomorrow for one last glimpse at the gallery…
All works are the property of the respective artist

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