Happy Birthday Brittany!

The image says it all really – Brittany puts another year under her belt, and I hope it’s not too ungentlemanly to tell you all the fair lady’s age – she’s twenty today!

Ah twenty, I remember twenty… fifteen years ago. Full of hope… aspirations… visions of a perfect future, before reality tore them asunder like a wicked step-sister clawing at my dreams of going to the ball with my perfect glass slippers…

Hm, but I digress! Brittany, from myself, Troy, the crooks and cronies at Back to Frank Black as well as the fans who support us, we wish you a happy birthday full of hopes and aspirations for the perfect future!

If you missed Brittany speaking to us, here’s the Christmas episode of the Millennium Group Sessions with Brittany, Megan and Lance chatting for the first time in many years!



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Brittany!

  1. LOOK AT THAT LOVING PICTURE!!!AWWWWWWWWWNow all we need is a little background music "backstreet´s back all right!!!!!"hahahahaHappy Bday Brittany!!!


  2. Happy Birthday, Brittany! Hope you had a great day. It was wonderful to hear you on the Black family reunion podcast at Christmas, and here's hoping that translates to the screen sometime soon!


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