Ezekiel Editorial: Make or Break? Make!

Time for an official update. If you follow us on Facebook — or if you follow Lance on Facebook — you’ll have heard that we had a meeting midweek with Lance Henriksen, Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz on the future of Millennium.

The meeting was amazingly positive. All involved were on the same page, which was very exciting indeed. We will be releasing that podcast on the 4th February, as announced.

However, there was a sacrifice. As with the Christmas podcast featuring Lance, Megan and Brittany, it evolved into something more than we planned. There was, brutally, no need for questions. Chris, Lance and Frank talked about the show’s future.

We had many questions asked of us, however, so many that we had to run through three drafts of potential questions just to reduce the questions to a manageable amount. Even then I doubted we’d get through that final set… We didn’t even use one.

As such, we’re looking at scheduling a special questions session in the future that uses those fan-submitted questions — so we can get a chance to put your queries directly to the Millennium big names. Again, apologies they couldn’t be used in this podcast, but when you’ve got the three main voices of Millennium naturally communicating without prompting, you want to let that run its own course!

On top of this, we have more good news from other quarters coming soon to this blog! Keep your eyes peels, m’friends!


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