“Not Bad for a Human” Blog Updates

We have recently brought you news of the confirmed release date for Lance Henriksen’s autobiography – Not Bad for a Human – which once again is May 5th to coincide with Lance’s birthday. We also intend to keep you closely updated on further news on the book and planned events to promote its release as and when we receive it, and so here goes with the very latest.

As we have previously mentioned, the book will receive a limited edition hardcover release via Bloody Pulp Books. In addition, a paperback edition will be published simultaneously by Alexander Henriksen Publishing and this will be widely available via Amazon and the usual online outlets.

Also, Joe Maddrey has blogged about his inspiration for co-authoring the book with Lance, and invites fans to share their own thoughts on Lance’s long and illustrious career. And to get news and pre-order details in due course for the limited edition from Bloody Pulp Books, you are invited to sign up to their mailing list.

More news as we receive it, then, but for now mark your calendars and count down with us to that exciting release date…

There are 52 days remaining.

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