As you can see, has been undergoing a big facelift. This facelift isn’t purely aesthetic – though I must thank our consultant Brian Dixon for the basic template for the new design textures, colours and logos.

So what does this new design bring?

  • The new design means the staff will be able to keep this site uptodate with far greater ease, meaning all aspects of its resources will be more relevant than ever. We’ll be looking at site content shortly, insuring FAQ, interviews and letter sending resources are accurate and not out of date.
  • The news page and news archives are now located on the main page. Go to to get the latest news – our previous news home was on – that’s no longer the case. Update your bookmarks as the campaign has been centralised so all resources are on the same server space!
  • For cellphone/mobile users, we have software running to ensure in its entirety is easy to navigate and read from your mobile devices.
  • EDIT: Google translation to help our international friends (seeing Diego’s comment on this blog reminded me of the hard work he and others put into the early days in translating for this campaign!)

So please stay with us as we sort through the site content. We need to update the interviews page and faq – that’s a priority, but we hope that this design is fresh to the eye and the site navigation and content will be more accessible to campaign supporters!

James McLean



2 thoughts on “ Facelift!

  1. Kudos for this fantastic fascelift, James! The new design looks extremely professional and makes the goal seem even nearer!


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