B2FB Editorial: Let’s Make It Happen

It’s a regular question we get at Back To Frank Black, and one to which we occasionally feel obliged to respond. It’s a fairly negative question, but it’s easy to fall foul of such thinking on an industry.

The question? The question is this:

“So when is Millennium coming out? I’m losing hope..”

I think the most simplest answer was put to me by colleague and part-time Smurf, Troy Foreman.

When has Millennium/Frank Black been so talked about? When has the future of Frank Black ever been so analysed?

Each year we get more and more people on board. Most of the cast and crew – and we have the support of all the major players. Millennium, a three season show which has been dead for a decade, has people talking about it returning, from the casual fan, to the seasoned horror journalist, to the film-makers in the industry to the people in the cast and crew – with the head-honcho on record saying he wants it done as a television event.

Think on that – Chris Carter wants Frank Black back. Lance Henriksen is actively campaigning for him to come back (check out the footage of Lance at the German con just this month saying just this). You want a reason to hope? There’s part of your reason to hope right there. The fathers of Frank Black are here to bring him back.

But that’s only part of it.

But hope is nothing without believers. People make a difference. Within a week of our FB4FX campaign we had FX contacting us. That wasn’t Chris Carter. That wasn’t Lance Henriksen. That was fans making that happen. Fans speaking out. They need you to believe and, more importantly, they need you to act.

If you find yourself losing hope, then do something to bring it back. Don’t wait on others, get involved. Make things happen. If I may quote from Lance’s Not Bad For A Human, I think what he says is very much relevant to how we look to Frank Black’s future:

“If you sit in an isolation chamber, or you live in your mother’s basement until you’re fifty, with the orange juice in the kitchen with your name on it, you’ll never find yourself. I know people that are still in acting class in New York and it’s been forty fucking years and they haven’t really worked because they haven’t risk going out into the marketplace and learning under fire…”

Hope has to be active, it should never be passive; wait on others and the moment passes. If you feel yourself asking whether things aren’t happening, so ask how can you make them happen.

We are trying to revive assets of a long cancelled show – it’s a tough game, but it can happen because we have such support and belief in Frank Black and his world – but these things don’t happen overnight. Some shows just to get piloted can be on the road for years, decades in some cases. Either way, you’ve got to be out there to make a difference. And we’re out there, and I firmly believe that in the three years we’ve been working together we have all taken a dead show and made it breathe again. Now it’s a matter of getting the industry to hold its hand and get Frank Black to walk once more.

Lance, Frank and Chris are our flags, the fans our army. Together we CAN make things happen, and things are happening. But we all need to be active.

Back to Frank Black is here to give you the opportunity to be positive and to make things happen. The fear of failing can sometimes be a wet blanket on the old candle of hope – but as Lance says, you can either sit in your basement and give up or you can go out there and take on the world.

Personally, I’d rather be in the latter camp. Let’s make it happen together.

Jim McLean


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