COMPETITION: Design The Tribe!

If you’re a follower of Lance’s Facebook page, you’ll know of “The Tribe”, a moniker for his followers that I’d say arguably carries more brotherly respect than the term “fans”. People want to know Lance, he wants to know them – it’s more fraternal, more collective. A Tribe.

As such, we’re running a competition to design “The Tribe” logo. PNG would be the best submission format, JPEG if there is no intended transparencies. When designing, think “logo” – and like all designs, whatever your take, it should be eye-catching! Get thinking! You have till July 31st to get a design to us at! Designs are already coming in, so don’t delay!

For a more visual and probably more to-the-point promo for this competition, check out the video below by Jason Morris.

A reminder that all entries have to be your original work. If you’re using computer typefaces, check the conditions of before you download and ensure its applicable for non-commercial, non-profit use. A lot of free fonts are providing no money is being made from their use, but always good to check before implementing into your own work.


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