Fearsome Friday: Millennium Apocalypse #7

Welcome to the SEVENTH of our exclusive “Fearsome Fridays” at Back To Frank Black!

Every Friday at APPROX 8pm EST (approx is the best way to view the schedule!) we will be airing Season One of Millennium Apocalypse for your viewing pleasure, and to prepare you for Season Two later this year!

Millennium Apocalypse was created by Jason Morris of In Pieces Productions and stars Shoni Alysse-Cook as an adult Jordan Black, sucked back into the horrific legacy left by the Millennium Group and coming terms with her “gifts”. This independent film project was – unsurprisingly – inspired by Millennium, Jason being a big fan. If you missed our recent podcast with Jason, please check it out after you’ve watched the episode!

For each episode of the first season, Jason and Shoni have recorded a special introduction. This short introduction from the MA team is exclusive to Back to Frank Black.

It will come to no surprise that Jason is a big believer in the return of Millennium and has been actively supporting us in trying to bring Frank Black back!

We also have our winners of the Millennium Apocalypse DVD and special limited edition soundtrack both prizes signed by creator Jason Morris and actress Shoni Alysse-Cook. Our two winners are Michelle Williams and Nettie Grimes! Congrats to you both and we will be in touch shortly to send you your prizes!

So sit back and enjoy Episode seven of Season One of Millennium Apocalypse!


One thought on “Fearsome Friday: Millennium Apocalypse #7

  1. I am tickled pink! I just love This series and would give anything to see it continue. What a special bond between father and daughter in the “yellow house”. I’d love to see their relationship “now”. Mr. Henriksen plays the perfect father every woman wishes she’d had. Crazy about the storyline possibilities, too. Sure hope it is made and that Mr. Henriksen has artistic control.


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