Millennium Mailbox Memorandum

There is still much going on at Back to Frank Black: podcasts both old and new, the ongoing saga of Millennium Apocalypse on Fearsome Fridays, Lance Henriksen’s Tribe competition and regular columns Second Sight and What the Killer Sees to name but a few.  It is always worth pausing for a moment now and again, though, to remind ourselves of the main driving force behind the campaign: the return of Frank Black to our screens.

Yes, it’s time for another reminder of what we need you to keep on doing in order to secure a future for Frank Black.  That remains the all-important drive to write letters to FOX and FX.  Those links contains everything you need to know: addresses, letter templates and so on.  Please keep up the pressure, double up, triple up… just keep keeping Frank Black and Millennium in FOX and FX’s mailboxes, on their desks and thus in their thoughts.  We have something new to add fresh vigour to this drive in the coming weeks, but for now the letters remain a vital part of the campaign and one for which Frank Black needs you!  And if you need any more motivation than that alone, take a listen to the very latest Conversations with Lance Henriksen, in which Lance once again references taking the campaign to FOX and FX when the time is right…



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