Editorial: Campaign Updates!


Some updates from the campaign trail!

– As always, the network for Millennium grows nicely. Facebook group is up, Lance’s profile is ever on the increase (pivotal for pitching the project, something the actor himself is humbly aware of) and feedback remains good! Thanks again to all who support us and continue to support us, be they staff or Millennium/Lance/X-Files fans!

– This month is Back To Frank Black’s 3rd birthday! July 24th is the red letter day. A lot has changed since then and we’re making plans for something on that day! Stay tuned, and again, thanks to all those who have been with us since.. 2008!

– We have a big project announcement that will be announced either this month or the next. Maybe on our birthday, not sure, but staff are busy working behind the scenes on that one.

– More re-issues of podcasts this month as I make an attempt to restore our interview archives to where they were before much material was lost when our podcast folder was mysteriously deleted. The wonderful “Judge” from “The Judge”, Marshall Bell, our very first podcast interview, will be up later today!

– New podcasts.. we’re making plans on the next Lucy Butler podcast that will be a fan panel for Room With No View, there is an FX focus podcast in the works with three guests, two of which are confirmed, I just need to nudge the third I’m eager to get on panel.

– We’re still running our “Tribe” competition for the whole of this month! For more details, click here!

– We have a new fan feature myself and Troy are working on for the blog, watch out for that as well!

– A reminder myself and Troy will be at Dragon Con this year. If you’re going to do, perhaps give us a nudge. Be good if we can do a little bit of Back to Frank Black promoting at the event!

– New T-Shirt should be up in the next week or so – a fan based one, which will be our first fan based shirt in a long time!

Keep watching us, keep supporting us, keep helping us!


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