“Team Writing US Style” with Frank Spotnitz

“A good idea is best shared,” proclaims that slogan behind Frank Spotnitz in this photograph.  The spirit of collaboration is indeed of huge benefit to many an artist, and I would heartily endorse the view when it comes to writing of any kind.  The photo itself harks from Frank’s recent headline appearance at the 2011 TV Drama Writers’ Festival, an annual UK event held by writers for writers that took place this year at the Leeds College of Music.

The festival itself is only open to writers with a professional writing credit to their name, so it is a genuine treat to be given access to some of its content.  Courtesy of the excellent BBC Writers’ Room resource, however, you can now read a little about Frank Spotnitz’s workshop at the event – entitled “Team Writing US Style” – and listen to two audio excerpts.

In the clips, Frank discusses his approach to writing for television, including the importance of the writers’ room.  He also touches upon his main reason for being in the UK for the past year: his work on “Morton”, a new eight-part spy drama with the brilliant Kudos (creators of the likes of “Spooks”, “Life on Mars”, “Ashes to Ashes” and “Law & Order: UK”) for the BBC.  There is even a name check for our very own “Millennium” in there too!

So if you are an aspiring writer, a fan of Frank’s superb body of work (and from the fact you are reading this blog, we suspect that you are) or just have a passing interest in how television scripts are created, check out the blog post here.  And whilst you are there, why not pause to leave a comment in order to show your appreciation.  Just be sure to mention that we sent you!

UPDATE: Avi from X-Files News has kindly pointed out that the BBC Writers’ Room audio files are inaccessible from outside the UK.  If you still wanted to listen to them, please check them out here over at XFN itself.  Thanks, Avi!


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