Lance Henriksen and “Millennium” in SFX #212

Regular readers of  “the world’s number one sci-fi mag” SFX magazine will have noticed some great coverage of Lance
Henriksen and the prospect of a return for  Millennium in this month’s edition.  In the magazine’s extensive news section, Red Alert, there is a short interview on page 20 with Lance in which he talks about the potential for Millennium’s return.  In an article entitled “Back in Black” Lance asserts that, “Everyone associated with the series wants to see it happen.  It has so much potential.”  He also references his autobiography Not Bad for a Human, describing it as, “the truth about my experience of acting and … beautifully illustrated”.


This high profile coverage of course comes at a pivotal time for the campaign.  Not only have creator Chris Carter, writer and executive producer Frank Spotnitz and Frank Black himself, Lance Henriksen, all voiced their wishes to bring the celebrated profiler back to our screens in the Make or Break” podcast earlier this year, but we also have very special plans to mark the upcoming fifteenth anniversary of the debut of Millennium in October as well as another very special and extensive new project we will be announcing over the next couple of months.  Add this to the letter campaign, street teams, the upcoming Season Two of Millennium Apocalypse and much more besides and it all makes for exciting times for the ongoing campaign to return Frank Black to our screens.

So please do check in stores for SFX magazine Issue 212 (the September 2011 edition) or order a copy online to read the article in full.  Also, and better still, why not show your appreciation by writing to their aptly named letters page Post Apocalypse by e-mailing them, posting to their Facebook page or penning a letter to them the old-fashioned way and sending it to Post Apocalypse, SFX, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW, UK.  Please be sure to mention the Back to Frank Black campaign in whatever missive you send.  Not only will this tell them how much we appreciate the coverage of Millennium and want more of the same, but it could also genuinely help to bring new voices and hence add that all-important further momentum to the campaign.  SFX is invariably a great read with varied, excellent science fiction coverage and really is the premiere such magazine in the world with a huge circulation.  So pick up a copy to devour at your leisure, write to the editors and help spread the word on Back to Frank Black – it’s a win-win situation!


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