Spotnitz Strikes Back & Wong’s Horror Story

Here at Back to Frank Black we are always eager to bring your attention to the latest projects from Millennium alumni, and right now we have not one but two, both from former producers of the series.

Frank Spotnitz has been in the UK for some time now, working on his upcoming series Morton with Kudos for the BBC, but he has also found the time to co-executive produce Series Two of Special Forces action series Strike Back, which is subtitled “Project Dawn”.  Speaking in a recent interview with The Futon Critic, Spotnitz speaks of how he was brought in to help transform the series from a UK only production to its new status as a UK/US collaboration with one British and one American lead, following the departure of the Series One lead Richard Armitage (formerly of Spooks fame and now busy filming The Hobbit).  The first episode of this ten-part run premiered on Friday on Cinemax and can be streamed in full on their website, whilst in the UK it premieres tonight on Sky One at 9pm.  Don’t miss it!

Also on the horizon is a new series over on a channel very much in Back to Frank Black‘s sights, FX.  American Horror Story is a thirteen part series about a family who move from Boston to LA in order to escape “past anguishes” and features James Wong as writer/producer.  More on this one as we approach its debut date of October 5th, but for now you can check out some teasers at the official YouTube page.  If that provocative promotional poster is anything to go by, this will be another distinctive series.

Frank Black may still be absent from the television landscape for now, but both Strike Back and American Horror Story look set to bring us some wonderful new entertainment from the creative minds behind Millennium, so do yourselves a favour and be sure to tune in!


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