Coming Soon… Virtual Season Six

Whilst our main purpose here at Back to Frank Black remains the target to return Frank Black to our screens for one final outing, we are also committed to keeping you entertained along the way with projects that relate to the continuation of his story and that of the world of Millennium.  With that in mind, we are setting out on another collaboration to host a Virtual Sixth Season of Millennium.

Leading what will be the third virtual season of Millennium and collaborating with Back to Frank Black in their effort are Barry Renshaw, Joey McBrayer and Harry Smyth.  There is a considerable amount of work behind the scenes to produce this third virtual season, so you can expect it to appear right here at some point next year.  As such we aim to deliver, for your reading pleasure, scripts for all-new stories featuring Frank Black that showcase some of the kinds of stories that remain left to be told about our singular hero.  And in the meantime, you can consider yourselves teased with the trailer from the masterful mind’s eye of Jason Morris and catch up with the previous fan-led virtual seasons courtesy of the two leading Millennium archive websites to be found on-line, both featuring a wealth of other material on the history of the series: Virtual Season Four over at The Millennial Abyss and Virtual Season Five at This Is Who We Are.


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