Fifteen Years Later… with Lucy Butler!

Fifteen years ago this very day, faithful and devoted Millennium fans, nearly 18 million viewers watched as Frank Black first strode across our screens and revealed his simultaneous gift and curse as he commenced battle against the rising tide of evil in the dark final days of the last century.  Revisiting “Pilot” now, it is still as powerful an hour of television as ever.  For that matter it has not aged a day, its tone and content fitting perhaps even better with this new millennium given its own dark times.  And that of course is why we are still here.  The world needs Frank Black now more than ever, and we remain just as committed to bringing him back.

With that strongly in mind, we have an announcement coming a little later today regarding a unique new project.  This is the biggest single undertaking we have made to date and is one that we anticipate will thrill every Millennium fan.  So check back at 10:13 PST when we will reveal precisely what that is.

For the time being, though, we bring you another birthday treat.  Lucy Butler herself, here in the guise of Sarah Jane Redmond, has been kind enough to send us a quick anniversary wish for you all.  With our thanks to Sarah Jane for taking the time out to record this, we present you with our favourite devil in disguise for your viewing pleasure…


3 thoughts on “Fifteen Years Later… with Lucy Butler!

  1. Well said, Adam. Here’s wishing a happy fifteenth birthday to Millennium! It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed, and it leaves me all the more desperate to see Frank Black again. What a wonderful clip from Sarah Jane Redmond in honor of the occasion! It’s clear that the cast and the crew fondly remember all those dark adventures, just as we do. Here’s hoping the community built around this series is thriving and passionate even for Millennium‘s thirtieth anniversary.


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