Gifts and Curse of Frank Black

Followers of the campaign and fans of Millennium will of course note that not only does this week mark the fifteenth anniversary of “Pilot” first airing, but that we are fast approaching another significant date to the series: Halloween.  It has been a busy week here at Back to Frank Black, not least with the announcement of our upcoming book, but this is a season we still intend to mark over the coming days.

Before we leave that fifteenth anniversary behind, however, we have one more treat for you.  This comes courtesy of genre graphic and web design specialists Rogue Hollow Productions, who have created two striking wallpapers by way of celebration of Millennium‘s premiere.  With huge thanks to them for creating and sharing these images, you can access them both by clicking on the preview version of one of them below:

Millennium of course has two Halloween episodes but this year, over a slightly abridged week, we will revisit one of the standout instalments of the series’ entire run, Season Two’s “The Curse of Frank Black“…

Be sure to join us every day between now and Halloween, then, as we celebrate this singular instalment with a feast of related fun: a new piece of analysis, poetry, videos and the re-release of an exclusive podcast.  And we kick off with a giveaway… because that’s the kind of people we are.  One of Lance Henriksen’s most celebrated film roles is in the seasonal horror flick Pumpkinhead (1988) and we have two copies of the Region 1 DVD to give away!

All you need do to be in with a chance of winning a copy is to drop us your name and address to before the end of October 31st, and we will select two winners at random.  Please put “Pumpkinhead Giveaway” in the subject line and, as an extra bonus, please try to send us a Halloween-y photograph to accompany your entry—a pumpkin design or yourself in a favourite Halloween outfit, for example—and we will share that too on the website and Facebook page.  For now, here is a trailer for the film to remind you of this “grim fairy tale”:



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