The Curse of Frank Black Week: Ghosts in the Machine

Our abridged Curse of Frank Black Week continues in earnest today, and we start by sharing an atmospheric promotional video created for the campaign by director Brett A. Hart

Also, every day from today leading up to Halloween itself we will be sharing a seasonal poem, each read by a Millennium alumnus…

We start with “Ghosts“, written almost a hundred years ago by Fannie Stearns Davis.  Davis was born in Ohio in 1884 and published two books of poetry, in 1913 and 1915 respectively.

The poem is read here by Van Quattro, who played killer Willi Borgsen in Season One’s “Broken World“.  Ghosts are of course very relevant thematically to “The Curse of Frank Black” and this poem is eerily atmospheric, casting a lonely mood that is in no small way reminiscent of Frank’s haunted Halloween night in that episode.  Click on the image of Quattro from “Broken World” opposite to listen, or alternatively click here.

Be sure to return tomorrow for more of the same, and don’t forget to enter our Pumpkinhead competition to win a DVD!


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