The Curse of Frank Black Week: Podcast from the Tomb

As our celebration of “The Curse of Frank Black” continues in the build-up to Halloween, today we bring you a re-release of a podcast from the Millennium Group Sessions.  Originally released on Halloween 2009, this edition discusses the episode itself and also offers an interview of Ghost Storyteller in the episode, Kett Turton.  The podcast is available for download on iTunes right now.  You can also listen to or download the MP3 directly, listen via the the apps for iPhone and Android or stream the interview right here on the blog via the embedded player below.

Today’s poem is “The Hag” by seventeenth century English poet Robert Herrick.  He was well-known for his lyrical style and a spiritual and philosophical style to his writing, and also got himself into trouble when, as a vicar, he refused to accept a covenant that was an outcome of the English Civil War.  The poem is read by Barry W. Levy, who featured as as unnamed Millennium Group Member in the Season Three episode “Exegesis“.

Make sure you return tomorrow on Halloween itself for the fourth and final poem, read by none other than Lucy Butler, and a new piece of analysis on the episode “The Curse of Frank Black”.


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