A look at Back To Frank Black

No doubt if you’re reading this item, you’ll have glanced at the previous post on what FOX thinks about Millennium by Patrick Munn.

Patrick looked at Back to Frank Black with a critical eye in one of his latest articles.

Patrick and his people did an extensive look at the campaign, its objectives, its past and of course, the potential for its future. His insight into the industry and his personal perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of Back to Frank Black have become the initial stages of a slight revision for the campaign. It is hard to run a campaign – especially a long running one – without it becoming increasingly difficult to see what you do objectively.

Have a read of the article, it’s a pretty accurate – and compressed – guide to Back to Frank Black. We aim to interview Patrick in the near future on Millennium Group Sessions – not simply for his insight into campaign running (he’s seen a few, most recently looking at our 1013 siblings at X-Filesnews.com), but because the entertainment industry itself is a fascinating beast, one we see many people comment on in forums and feeds. I would think his opinion might be an interest for those curious to the complex landscape of television and film!

You can browse some of Patrick’s latest work here.


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