Munn speaks to McLean on Back to Frank Black.


Recently, entertainment journalist and writer Patrick Munn has written an article conducted an interview with myself in regards to the Back to Frank Black campaign.

Highly edited (as I tend to ramble), this perhaps gives a further insight as to what the staff behind this mission actually believe and how they operate in trying to increase awareness for a Millennium/Frank Black event.

Thanks to Patrick for taking his time out on this. Audio interviews transcribed are a bane from personal experience, and having transcribed myself before (for the first interview we did with Lance Henriksen), I know what a nightmare I am to formulate into anything coherent. Patrick did a fine job condensing the babble of analogies, ponders and deviations (in all senses of the word).

In other news, this site will have a slight facelift shortly to bring it in line with some of the ideas/criticisms and ideas that this past few weeks has offered us. Expect some minor changes as to how this site operates – and some updates on some basic campaign plans we have you!


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