Millennium Apocalypse: The Soundtrack

For me, one of the most evocative aspects of the production of the web series Millennium Apocalypse: The Dark Inside You, which recently ended its run here at Back to Frank Black, has been its soundtrack.  Composed by César Gallegos and Mateo Latosa, it manages at once to sound reminiscent of Mark Snow’s score for Millennium—both in its arrangements and content—whilst also characterising a world all of its own.  Fans of the series and its score will therefore be very pleased to hear that the soundtrack for the series has now been released.

The seventy minute soundtrack is available now for download on iTunes and Amazon, and will be published on CD in January 2012 by Powys Media Soil.Gallegos and Latosa have a number of other score credits to their name, including The House Between, a web series directed by respected friend of the Back to Frank Black campaign John Kenneth Muir, and will be working with him again on his forthcoming series The Eclipse.  They also comprise the ambient/electronica duo Tecamachalco Underground (TKU), and a sampler of their  work can be listened to on their MySpace page.



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