Back to Frank Black speaks to Patrick Munn!

Happy New Year from Back to Frank Black, and a welcome return to a more regular Millennium Group Sessions for 2012!

Patrick Munn is a journalist who specialises in the US Entertainment industry. At the end of 2011 he examined the issue of Millennium and Back To Frank Black from the studio perspective as well as a campaign. This podcast, James and Troy speak to Pat about the nature of the industry, the issue of Millennium‘s return, the different avenues and prospects of such an event and Pat’s own experience of the industry. A fascinating kickstart to 2012’s Millennium Group Sessions!

Patrick’s Millennium/Back to Frank Black articles in full:

Will There Ever Be a Millennium Movie?:

A look at Back to Frank Black:

Interview with James McLean:
To listen to this interview online use the java player below:

To download, click here for the direct link.

Millennium Group Sessions is available on iTunes or the Back to Frank Black app found on the Android and iPhone platforms.


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