Happy Birthday to Averie and Megan!

While the campaign is hard at work on our upcoming book and several other projects, we would like to take a moment and send out a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the beautiful and talented actress Averie Maddox! You will remember Averie from her memorable appearances in the first two episodes from Season 3 of Millennium! Season 3 started off with a bang with the episodes The “Innocents and “Exegesis” and Averie’s performance in both episodes was top notch.

We also can announce that we have confirmed Averie to join us in the digital studios of the Millennium Group Sessions podcast. We are just working out the logistics and once everything is confirmed, we will let everyone know!

So to Averie on behalf of the Millennium fandom, we wish you a very happy birthday!

… and not just Averie! Best wishes also to Megan Gallagher, Millennium’s lead lady for seasons one and two playing the wonderful Catherine Black.

We hope Megan and her family have a great day. A lovely lady and a great actress. If you’ve not done so already, have a listen to her thoughts and words in the two podcasts she did for Back to Frank Black – the first is a solo interview, the second is a unique and quite amazing occasion where she reunites with co-starts Lance Henriksen and Brittany Tipplady for the first time in many years!

No doubt one of the most enjoyable interviews we’ve had the pleasure in partaking! Hope you have a great day Megan!

– James & Troy


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