Top Ten Millennium Episodes?

A great list of 10 Best Millennium Episodes has been added to – this is a brilliant article that carries videos to support it’s decisions!

Do you agree? What is interesting – for once – “Pilot” doesn’t make number one? So what does? Go look – and let us know what your top ten are – either here or at our Facebook page!



One thought on “Top Ten Millennium Episodes?

  1. A few comments:

    It’s actually a pretty fun list. Jose Chung’s surpasses Satan in my opinion, but no real issue.

    The surprise addition was Walkabout, which I probably should rewatch as I don’t remember it standing out the first time. (Personally, The Thin White Line and Sacrament are much stronger.)

    The Beginning and the End was a great choice that I wouldn’t have thought should be that high, but upon reflection agree that it does.

    Jeff Yagher deserves a shout out for his performance in 13 years later… it’s my favorite part, although there are some other gems.

    It’s fun browsing the TIWWA episode list and remembering how many fantastic episodes there were:

    Time to go through the series again.


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