Frank Spotnitz Still Hunting for Millennium

Frank Spotnitz has long been one of the strongest voices supporting a return for Frank Black, and fans of Millennium should be reassured by the fact that he has now re-asserted that in response to a posting on his production company Big Light’s blog from the Back to Frank Black campaign.

Reacting to Troy’s reminder that alongside continuing calls for a third and final X-Files movie there is still a swell of support for the return of Millennium for one final outing, Frank acknowledges that it is a harder sell than The X-Files but confirms once again that both he and Chris Carter have considered this. Thanking those who run and follow the campaign, he states, “Chris and I discussed a story for a Millennium film some time ago,” and goes on to add that, “It would be wonderful to return to these characters once again.”

More on what Carter and Spotnitz have had to say on the prospect of a Millennium film will be captured in the upcoming Back to Frank Black book, but in the meantime Frank remains hard at work on Hunted, his upcoming brand new series for BBC One and Cinemax, tweeting earlier this week on how much he is enjoying filming in spite of what has been a rain-battered London here of late. There is considerable buzz for Hunted, which was recently placed by The Hollywood Reporter at number three on its list of can’t miss series, whilst Frank also discussed the series – as well as The X-Files and living and working in London – for Screen Daily earlier this month.

Expectant fans of Frank Black should certainly be heartened that, even in the midst of a clearly busy schedule and a new, high profile series, Frank Spotnitz still takes time out to repeat his endorsement for Back to Frank Black and a return for Millennium. We thank him as ever for his always enthusiastic support, and here’s to every continued success for his new projects alongside our ongoing aspirations for the resurrection of one or two past glories.


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