Space: Above and Beyond R2 DVD release Update!

Following our post on the great upcoming region 2 release of Space: Above and Beyond from Mediumrare Entertainment, we’ve been contacted by Julie Ng who made the supplements on the DVD. Julie is filmmaker and DVD producer who was previously an assistant to show creators (and Millennium season 2 producers) Glen Morgan and James Wong. She has a big love for Millennium, The X-Files and of course, Space: Above and Beyond – in fact, she admits to being the runner of Morgan & Wong Online as a teenager!

It was actually Glen was good enough to suggest she gave us a nudge here as to the details of this DVD release – and we’re very thankful he did!

Julie calls this release “an extreme labour of love done as a long-time serious fan of this series and a desire to make this for Glen & Jim – and especially, of course, for the fans to get a taste on what it was like making this show 17 years ago.”

As to the details behind the release, Julie says, “this is a small, boutique UK distributor, not a big-budget Fox production and it all had to come together in an extremely short period of time, limited resources and almost didn’t even happen at all, but luckily I was given the opportunity by Medium Rare to give it the old college try.”

As for details – Julie wanted to correct our previous post on the details of this two set release, nothing that some sources on the net are filled with “vague/inaccurate information” – so Julie is here to give out the full sumptuous detail as it is! These details are thereby verified!

“Basically, there is a retrospective documentary, BEYOND & BACK which is 75 minutes long and includes input from the entire 58th Squadron (plus Tucker Smallwood), writers, Glen and Jim, Thomas Wright, etc. There is also a 20 minute piece that focuses more strictly on the visuals – the design, look, tone of the series which is a little more technical and features guys like Tim McHugh and Glenn Campbell (Millennium alumni as well) and talented art department guys. There’s the original EPK interviews trimmed and cleaned up a bit, there are a handful of deleted/alternate scenes I pulled off old VHS tapes from Glen’s garage. There are conceptual artwork galleries. And lastly, there are 4 audio commentaries for: the Pilot, Dark Side of the SunWho Monitors the Birds and The Angriest Angel.”

Julie says has the correct breakdown of information.

Finally, a compliment from Julie that we took dearly – “I listened to Thom Wright’s “Back to Frank Black” podcast to help me get a sense of the man and prep for interviewing him for this Space:Above And Beyond set!”

Always a pleasure to know what we do here helps others out there. This is a great release, I do oh so encourage you all to order copies if you are Region 2 DVD compatible!

Release date for this release is 30th April 2012 – available for pre-order from many leading sellers.


6 thoughts on “Space: Above and Beyond R2 DVD release Update!

  1. this is fantastic, really nice of Julie to post the extra features, ashame though I was really hoping for the Home videos (Joel) Wang made during the pilot shoot, Amazon mentioned “Video Diaries” and an April 23 release, I pre-ordered but it’s been pulled back to the 30th now.
    There’s so much I’d love to know about S:AAB, maybe someone can start a podcast so we can get to speak to the creators of this classic.


  2. Chris – thanks for the comment. It is indeed great to see. If you are hungry for discussions and commentary on the series, do check out the Millennium Group Session podcasts with each of Glen Morgan, James Wong, Kristen Cloke and Richard Whitley, all of whom speak at some length about the show.


  3. Hi Chris – Julie here. Thanks for ordering the set. I was hoping for Joel’s video diary too. I really genuinely tried to obtain it for this collection too. Joel was game, but the problem was that we couldn’t source the original tape in time, and no one else who did have it from the cast/crew could find their copies of it either. That’s one regret from me, I’ve always wanted to see that ever since I heard of its existence. There just wasn’t enough time. The supplemental description on Amazon appears to have been submitted well before we actually really went into production on this, and perhaps someone jumped the gun there. There is however, a bit of video diary material generously contributed from Dave Duncan, the visual effects storyboard artist that we incorporated into both documentaries.


  4. This is awesome news I love this show, just talking about it 5 minutes ago and we searched iTunes for it but the only Space and Beyond there was a podcast and a song !!!! called “Who Monitors The Birds”!!! I was hoping for Space in HD but this DVD will be great I’ll order from europe or maybe our region 1 will be re-released with the extras too ?
    that song btw – Linking to Song:
    Who Monitors The Birds [For Rowland, Morgan and Wong] – Kokako Soundtracks, Vol. 2

    Direct Link


  5. Julie Ng wow! what an amazing job you’ve done, the set is brilliant and Beyond & Back is fascinating, loved it, great work you made my year! off to watch it again.
    I just read an article on this rerelease on the and also someone has made a Facebook page at
    people need to check this set out, Glen Morgan is the coolest dude ! Julie this is special, amazing job.


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