Frank Black, in Black and White

Quietly, behind the scenes, almost as covertly as the Millennium Group itself, we are still working hard on the Back to Frank Black book. We like to bring you occasional news as to our progress: reminders that we are still very much on course to release a little later this year, but without teasing you too much just yet. (That time will come.)

One exciting piece of news we can confirm is that Frank Black himself, Lance Henriksen, has penned a foreword for the title. We are of course thrilled to have his further involvement, as always with the ongoing campaign. His opening words will set a modern context for Frank’s world, very much encapsulating what we hope to achieve with the book itself: celebrating Millennium‘s past whilst also asserting its enduring relevance in today’s difficult times, these comparatively early and uncertain years of the new millennium.

We still have some work ahead of us yet before we publish, but rest assured we will name a release date as soon as we can. We will also look to bring you other exciting news of the book’s exclusive contents in due course, as we continue to work on crafting a publication that says everything that it can about the series and why Millennium is so worthy of being celebrated, why it is as relevant now as when the series premiered, and why Frank Black is so deserving of a return.


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