Many Happy Returns, Lance Henriksen

Everyone here at Back to Frank Black invites you to join with us in wishing Lance Henriksen a wonderful birthday. As well as giving us his mesmerising and enduring performance as Frank Black in Millennium, Lance of course has a prolific and illustrious career that stretches back across several decades. And as if you needed any reminder, a glance at his IMDb profile is enough to show that he is as busy as ever, still delivering a superb, considered and memorable performance in his every screen appearance.

An example to us all, Lance is an artist of the highest integrity and a warm, appreciative, generous and soulful spirit, brimming with wisdom and humour. He also, of course, remains a huge supporter of this campaign to return Frank Black to our screens, for which we would like to take today as an opportunity to thank him once again. We invite you all to add your own birthday messages as a comment here, or over on the Facebook page.

Very many happy returns, Lance… including of course at least one as our very own Frank Black.

(Photograph by Karen Somers & Company)


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