Lance Accesses Fox

There’s been quite some buzz over possibilities for a Millennium movie and the upcoming Back to Frank Black book of late, mostly thanks to Lance Henriksen’s comments during promotional events for Tron: Uprising, as we have reported recently. The very latest outlet to cover this news is Fox themselves, who have reported Lance’s comments on their Fox All Access blog. Included in this report is some brief audio from Lance speaking both about the book and the prospects for Frank Black’s return.

What I can also speak to, having attended Collectormania last weekend (at which this photo of Lance was taken) alongside James McLean, is the enduring support for Lance, Millennium, the upcoming book and the Back to Frank Black campaign itself that was very much in evidence. Many were clutching DVD box sets, publicity photos of Lance from the series and the like and were specifically queuing to meet him as a direct result of how strongly Frank Black has resonated with them, and how much he continues to do so. It was great to witness this in person, and Lance made sure that each and every one of them went away with a Back to Frank Black flyer!

Please visit the Fox All Access blog, Facebook page or Twitter mention for this story and be sure to comment on or reply to one or all of them to show your support for Millennium‘s return. As well as those all important letters, this is another significant opportunity to make your voices heard directly to Fox, so be sure to tell them once again that you want to see the return of Frank Black!


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