Big Light Competition: The Frank Spotnitz Showreel

Frank Spotnitz’s production company Big Light have issued a call-out to video editors everywhere! Frank is currently seeking a three to five minute showreel to be used at his speaking engagements, and is looking to engage with the wealth of talent out there and exhibited by you, the fans of his work. The video should showcase Frank’s work as a writer, producer and director and is therefore required to feature footage from the television series and films on which he has worked in each or every capacity.

Far be it for us to betray any bias, but dare we suggest that Frank’s work on Ten Thirteen productions – Millennium, The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen – should figure prominently in such a video reel! We therefore hope that followers of the campaign will be ready and willing to rise to this challenge, and the exciting opportunity to have your video montage used by Frank Spotnitz to showcase his work at official engagements.

All videos need to be of DVD quality, should only feature Frank’s work (not Frank himself) and must be uploaded to – where you will also find further instructions and details on the competition, plus an email address to contact in case of any queries – by the closing date of 10th August. The lucky winner will also receive an utterly unique prize: a signed copy of a script from Frank’s upcoming new series for BBC One and Cinemax, Hunted. Good luck!


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