Chris Carter and Millennium at Austin Film Festival

Chris Carter is set to be honoured at this year’s Austin Film Festival, where he is to receive the Outstanding Television Writer Award. In addition, he will participate in “A Conversation with Chris Carter”, in which he will discuss his career. He will also host a screening of an influential film of his choice, as well as special screenings of episodes of The X-Files and—most excitingly of all—Millennium.

The Austin Film Festival runs from October 18th to 25th and, whilst the detailed schedule has yet to be announced, you can already book to attend in respect of conference badges, film passes and tickets to special events. This will be a rare and privileged opportunity to hear Carter discuss his work, as well as to see Millennium screened in a theatre, and so is not one to be missed for those with the opportunity to attend. You can read more about his involvement at the Austin Film Festival website here in an article that also references a new series that he is currently developing for cable.

The inclusion of Millennium in the festival is potentially of some significance. Taken together with Carter’s comments in interviews for the campaign in the past year and his introduction to the imminently-available Back to Frank Black book, the event demonstrates how Millennium endures. And, above all else, it is wonderful to see Chris Carter’s creative vision and writing rewarded in such well-deserved fashion. We offer him our own heartfelt congratulations on the honour, and look forward to hearing more about what will surely be a memorable event.


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