Winrich Kolbe (1940-2012)

Back to Frank Black is sad to have to report on the death of distinguished director Winrich Kolbe on October 23rd. Born in Germany in 1940, Kolbe enjoyed a career that spanned four decades. Genre fans will be familiar with much of his work, since his résumé includes series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Space: Above and Beyond, Angel24, and, of course, Millennium. In the case of the Star Trek franchise his work includes the classic Next Generation episodes “Darmok” and series finale “All Good Things…” amongst a total of forty-eight instalments across all four modern incarnations of the franchise, whilst his tutelage on Glen Morgan and James Wong’s Space: Above and Beyond includes the celebrated instalment “Who Monitors the Birds?

In terms of Millennium, Kolbe directed four distinctive and varied episodes from the series’ first season: “Kingdom Come“, “Force Majeure“, “Broken World“, and all-time fan favourite “Lamentation“. Our thoughts go out to Winrich Kolbe’s family. And how better to commemorate the man’s superb body of work than to settle down one dark evening this weekend and revisit one of his finely-crafted contributions to the world of Frank Black.



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