Lucy Butler Gets Back to Frank Black

We’ve recently been sharing some of the great feedback that the Back to Frank Black book has garnered to date right here on the blog. Just today, the latest overwhelmingly positive review was published, this time by the popular and well-respected SF Crowsnest. Maybe, however, we have not quite yet got your attention. Maybe, just maybe, we’ve not yet convinced you that the volume is worth parting with your hard-earned cash in order to secure yourself a copy. Well, in that case… if you know what’s good for you then maybe you will listen to Lucy Butler.

Frank Black’s nemesis herself had her alter ego—actress Sarah-Jane Redmond—set up this eye-catching photo shoot in support of the release especially for all of you. Amongst its fifteen interviews and twelve essays, Back to Frank Black features an insightful conversation with Redmond, including some brand-new material the actress was kind enough to pen exclusively for the volume in which she sums up Butler’s devilish appeal from her unique perspective. Click on each of these wonderful shots to see them at full size.

Everyone here at Back to Frank Black would like to say a huge thank you to Sarah-Jane Redmond for taking the time to create and send us these images. They are soaked in her unforgettable characterisation of Lucy Butler, and if you were ever in doubt that the Devil’s liege would relish another opportunity to bring down Frank Black, then you need be no longer.

Back to Frank Black is available now. The hardcover retails at $44.99 and the paperback at $28.99, with all profits from sales to be donated to Lance Henriksen’s nominated charity, Children of the Night. Get your copy today, and please leave a review at or once you’ve had a chance to read it… otherwise we’ll send Lucy Butler round your houses to terrorise you into compliance. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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