Millennium Group Sessions Podcast: Brittany Tiplady!


Millennium Group Sessions is back with a rather special, exciting, vibrant and special interview with young Jordan Black, now young adult, Brittany Tiplady! Brittany has taken the time to enjoy the Millennium Group Sessions Leather Swivel Chair and patiently answer some of our burning questions about her time on the show, her life and her future!

We’ve not spoken to Brittany since our Millennium Christmas Special where her charming self, Lance Henriksen and Megan Gallagher spoke for the first time together in a long time. This is her first solo interview with the campaign, though she did write for us in our Back to Frank Black book – a comprehensive guide to Millennium and the campaign available right now!



To download this podcast click here

This podcast is also available on iTunes (subscribe there for free) and as part of the Back to Frank Black iPhone/Android apps

Links relevant to this podcast:

To purchase a copy of Brittnay’s work, Waiting On A Yellow Bird, click here

To purchase the Back to Frank Black book, click here!

The podcast will be available for download on iTunes. You can also listen to or download the MP3 directly, listen via the the app for iPhone,or stream the interview right here on the blog via the embedded player below.


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