A Vision of Snow

Mark Snow pictured with his copy of "Back to Frank Black"

Hot on the heels of the radiant image of Klea Scott we posted here just a few days ago, another Millennium alumnus has shared with us a photo of themselves with their copy of Back to Frank Black. Pictured opposite is none other than musical genius Mark Snow.

The composer, whose work famously featured in all of Ten Thirteen’s creations—including his truly iconic theme for The X-Files—composed the score for Millennium‘s entire run, powerfully imbuing the series with much of its character and mood in the process.

The campaign’s interview with Snow forms the heart of an insightful and detailed chapter in Back to Frank Black entitled “Bigger than the Beatles”. To understand the story behind that provocative tagline, as well as much more about his career and his approach to writing music for Millennium and beyond, be sure to pick up a copy of the book!

The hardcover of Back to Frank Black retails at $44.99 and the paperback is priced at $28.99, with all profits from sales to be donated to Lance Henriksen’s nominated charity, Children of the Night. Please do help spread the word by leaving a review at Amazon.com and/or Amazon.co.uk once you’ve read it, and also stay tuned for news of an ebook edition to be released later this year.


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