Roll of the Dice? A Kickstarter Response

Following the much-publicised recent success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign, the Back to Frank Black inbox has been brimming with questions as to whether or not we might consider the same approach to help finance the Millennium movie we all hope will someday soon become a reality. So, is it worth a roll of the dice to try to finance Frank Black’s future?

Roll of the Dice

Well, here’s our thing. There are a couple of key factors that make the Veronica Mars campaign quite distinct from our own. Firstly, the creator of the show, Rob Thomas, and star, Kristen Bell, had themselves been actively campaigning for a movie for several years. They had both met with executives at Warner Bros, pitched this idea to them, and got them on board before even initiating the Kickstarter project. Whilst we have reported previously how Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, and Lance Henriksen—as well as pretty much every member of the cast and crew with whom the campaign has had contact—would be interested in a Millennium movie, it is that pivotal conversation at the level of Chris Carter and the Fox executives that has yet to take place, or to agree upon a sound business case and a common goal.

Secondly, the script to this now upcoming Veronica Mars movie had already been written. Thomas had been working on it for a while, and hence the shoot can take place relatively quickly. When it comes to Millennium, again Chris Carter has been open about some of the ideas he already has for Frank Black’s long-awaited return but—so far as we know, at least—that script has yet to be penned.

None of this is to say that we would totally write off the potential for a crowd-funding opportunity for Millennium at some point in the future. To corrupt a well known mantra, though, the time is not now. Ten Thirteen fans might also note that Frank Spotnitz recently pitched in over at Big Light on this same topic in regards to suggestions to use Kickstarter to fund a third X-Files movie. He, too, cast aside the notion, at least for the time being. It is the studio backing to a specific Millennium movie pitch that would be the game-changer to make Frank Black’s filmic return a reality, and we do not—yet—have that.

We will of course keep you updated if this situation changes and, if it does, your support would be vital. Until then, the best way you can help further our cause is to keep spreading the word on the campaign. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and—crucially—encourage others to do the same. Better still, if you do want to outlay some of your hard-earned cash then buy our eponymous book, and if you have already done so then please don’t under-estimate the importance of adding a review over at Amazon. All of these kinds of efforts genuinely help sustain and increase Millennium‘s profile, and earn us the right kind of attention that might yet prompt Fox to sit up, take note, and perhaps even dig deep into their own pockets so as to bring back Frank Black.


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