Hang Out with Back to Frank Black—Live!

Do you have some burning questions you would like to put to the Back to Frank Black team? Queries about the book you might like to see posed to its editors? Questions about the campaign itself, and its future plans? Or do you just want to see the faces behind the voices of the Millennium Group Sessions, and the other work of the campaign?! Well, now is your chance, as on Saturday 29th June at 10am EST/3pm BST (UK time) we will be taking part in our very first Google Hangout.

Google Hangout

Joining the discussion will be Troy Foreman, James McLean, Adam Chamberlain, and Brian A. Dixon, and the conversation will be hosted and moderated by none other than author, critic, and long-time supporter of Millennium, John Kenneth Muir. John has been blogging regarding his involvement, and you can email him with any questions you would like him to pose at muirbusiness@yahoo.com. Please put “Back to Frank Black” as the title for your email.

The Google Hangout will be streamed live via Troy Foreman’s YouTube feed, where you will also be able to watch the discussion back afterwards. We are all really looking forward to it, and we really hope you are able to join us in the virtual sphere to talk all things Millennium.


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