Forgotten Gem, Still Gleaming

You often get to hear our views here at Back to Frank Black on Millennium, not least between our recent Google+Hangout, the book, and the Millennium Group Sessions. So it is always a joy for us to read what other folks have to say about the series, especially some fourteen years since the series went off the air.

Just today, Jeff Fountain has been writing about Millennium and Frank Black over at In Genre, a blog devoted to the exploration of genre fiction in any format. As part of his “In a State of Horror” column, Fountain heralds Millennium as a “forgotten gem”, writing of how original the series was upon its debut in 1996, as well as how Hannibal has most recently evoked comparisons between Will Graham and Frank Black. Please do take a few moments to check out the article in full.

Goodbye to All That Final Frame

In fact, we have but one tiny and friendly quibble with In Genre’s excellent article. We would contend that Millennium is far from forgotten. The story of Frank Black still resonates, and still inspires—two compelling reasons why the campaign persists, and why it is still attracting new supporters. Let it be known that we truly appreciate each and every one of you. This is who we are.


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