Back to Frank Black interview actress Barbara Bain



Millennium Group Sessions is back, with what for myself and Troy, is a very special podcast. In this session we speak to the talented three time Emmy award winning actress Barbara Bain. Millennium fans will remember her role as Lilly Unser in season three’s Matryoshka – for me, she is Cinnamon Carter from Mission Impossible and Dr Helena Russell in the cult space hit, Space: 1999. Barbara is one of the most charming and relaxed people I’ve had the good fortune to interview – and that’s a high benchmark given the people we’ve interviewed on Millennium Group Sessions alone!

On top of this hour long interview, we talk about the recent video competition, courtesy of Mark Snow and the move of the Back to Frank Black book to Kindle.

Here are some relevant links for this podcast:

To download this podcast click here

This podcast is also available on iTunes (subscribe there for free) and as part of the Back to Frank Black iPhone/Android apps

The podcast will be available for download on iTunes. You can also listen to or download the MP3 directly, listen via the the app for iPhone


One thought on “Back to Frank Black interview actress Barbara Bain

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Barbara Bain. The interview questions were fantastic and really helped to illuminate her work and career, but also her personality (and sense of humor). As a fan of Space:1999 as well as Millennium, it was a delight to hear all of Bain’s memories regarding working and living in London of the 1970s. Fantastic job!


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