Lance at Collectormania, new campaign interview by Brophisticate, and the recent Kindle release!

I had considered the rather naughty prospect of splitting these nuggets into different posts, but I think a type of Back to Frank Black digest makes for easier consumption and hopefully a wider range of eyes!

First off, Lance Henriksen was at Collectormania in Milton Keynes, England this weekend – and myself and Back to Frank Black: A Return To Chris Carter’s Millennium book editor, Adam Chamberlain popped down to see him. Three days in what were unpleasantly damp and cold Blighty conditions. Lance beared the elements, hot off the return of a film based in Germany and was there to meet fans and give the Back to Frank Black book a little nudge!1452370_10153513654090083_2007877077_n

The book sat on his desk, upright and inviting to wandering eyes, and to continue the past year’s trend we got him to pose with the book for a photo. Lance is now added to our halls of Book holding fame! Other names include Frank Spotnitz, Sarah-Jane Redmond and of course, Chris Carter! It was great to see Lance, animated and focused as ever, and a thank you from ourselves on staff to Lance for his constant efforts in promoting the campaign and the book. He did a small film interview while signing, so I’m hoping that will see the light of day eventually (especially as he plugged the book in it!)

In other news, have published an article about Millennium and Back to Frank Black today on their website. The interview came as a series of questions sent to myself and Troy Foreman that we did our best to answer! They were great questions and I hope, worth a minute or two of your time. It’s a fine website and the formatting and layout of the specific piece makes it very easy to read. Go have a look, give them a tweet/share! We spoke on the phone and once again, this is an article prompted by another fan’s love of Millennium!


Finally, a reminder that the Back to Frank Black: A Return to Chris Carter’s Millennium is out in digital format. If your money is tight, your shelf is full or you just love the ease and simplicity of digital storage, this is really a worthwhile buy. Digital books are growing in popularity – certainly for me, and I’m hardly a bastion of digital technology – and it does make a 500 page book very easy to carry around! If you don’t have a Kindle, there are kindle apps out there for other tablets.
Don’t forget all profits from this book go to
For more information on kindle apps, click here.
Find the Kindle book on here.


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