Frank Black Returns—in an IDW Comic Miniseries

10584029_892433627457073_6766848205559748204_nExciting news broke during the IDW Publishing panel at New York Comic Con this afternoon, as Joe Harris confirmed that Frank Black and Millennium are set to return in an all-new comic book miniseries. Comic Book Resources has interviewed Harris about the news, and he also teased the announcement on Twitter just before the panel. In addition, IDW Publishing has shared some spectacular cover artwork on its Facebook page, including Paul Shipper‘s beautiful variant cover artwork pictured below.

As hinted at in the final panel of the latest issue of IDW’s excellent and successful The X-Files Season Ten, the Millennium miniseries will be springboarded from within the pages of issue 17 of that series. Furthermore, Fox Mulder will guest-star in the first of Millennium‘s five-issue run. Joe Harris will act as writer, Colin Lorimer is set to provide the artwork, and none other than Chris Carter himself will oversee the series as executive producer.

Harris has spoken about how he is often asked about Millennium during his convention appearances, as we know all too well when we met with the author earlier this year and presented him with a copy of our book. In the aforementioned interview he describes the series as “a headier brew” when asked to compare and contrast it with The X-Files, and goes on to say, “Millennium is more philosophical, more haunting, and, I think, more challenging. It’s a broody, contemplative exploration of the coming apocalypse, the evil outside and, most important, the capacity for evil within.” He is also quick to champion “Lance Henriksen’s amazing portrayal of Frank Black” in the original television series.

10686599_10152702283713279_1664703739042270049_nIn terms of what this all-new comic book series has in store, Harris explains how it will “re-establish Frank Black, the shadowy remnants of the Millennium Group he once belonged to that turned on him, and which, we think, was dissolved”. He teases the content further by adding, “It involves demons, the men who would hunt them, and the temptations they offer”.

Another character key to Millennium‘s mythology is at the very heart of the story. “It’s also about a father searching for his lost daughter,” Harris explains. “Jordan Black was always on track to be more powerful than Frank, with psychic abilities the Millennium Group were determined to add to their roster. The Group wanted her, and Frank risked everything to keep her safe. But now she’s gone, and while Frank is hunting for her, darker forces are hunting them both.”

In sum total, the upcoming Millennium comic book miniseries sounds like a heady mix of many of the series’ best elements, and Frank Black seems very safe—which is to say not safe at all in the context of the story!—in Joe Harris’ capable hands. Given what he has done with The X-Files Season Ten, we are supremely excited to read the series when it debuts in the New Year, and we hope that you will join us for the ride. Be sure to check out the Comic Book Resources interview in full for more tantalising details.

And where might this all lead, you may ask? Well, Joe has confirmed that, if the first five issues are well-received, then it is entirely possible that we will see more of the same. And, if that happens, who knows what a renewed profile for Frank Black might do for the Back to Frank Black campaign’s ultimate ambitions.

IDW’s Millennium comic book miniseries will debut in January 2015. We will be sure to bring you more news as it becomes available, so stay tuned. An exciting new chapter of Frank Black’s epic story is set to begin, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us. This, our faithful followers of Back to Frank Black, is who we are.



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